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International Strategic Management and Economic Politics (SoSe 2008)

Intention: The general course objective is to provide an in depth understanding of strategic management in an international perspective. Following the approach of de Wit/Meyer (2004) we focus on differences of opinion in strategic management to help students to become critical and creative strategic thinkers. We also use parts of other textbooks for a more hands-on competence.
• The textbooks: (you should have one or two of these)
• The script: extracts and further literature and
• The case studies: to apply theory on practical situations
Script must be read in advance. Following to the idea of process oriented learning an active participation of students is absolutelty necessary.

Content: Regional and Global Strategy. Global Shift: The Changing Economic Map. The Multinational Enterprise. Business Level Strategy. Corporate Level Strategy. Network Level Strategy. Strategy abroad. Strategic Change. Building the Global Organization. Strategy and Control: Corporate Governance.

Learning medias: 
a) Core-textbooks:
De Wit, B./Meyer, R., Strategy: Process, Content, Context, 3rd ed., London 2004; Hitt, M.A./Ireland, R. D./Hoskisson, R.E., Strategic Management, 6th ed., Mason/Ohio 2005. Rugmann, A. M. / Collinson S., International Business, 4th edition, Essex 2006.;

b) Further textbooks:
Bartlett, Ch. A./Ghoshal, S./Beamish, P.W.: Transnational Management. International Edition. 5th ed. New York et al. 2007; Dicken, P.: Global Shift. 5th ed., o.O.: Sage 2007. Grant, R.M., Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 5th ed. 2005); Johnson, K./Scholes, G./Whittnigton, R., Exploring Corporate Strategy, 7th ed., Harlow 2005.; Mintzberg, H./Lampel, J./Quinn, J.B./Ghoshal, S., The Strategy Process, 2nd ed., London et al. 2003.; Yip, G.S., Total Global Strategy II, Upper Saddle River 2003

c) Some References in German:
Müller-Stewens, G./Lechner, Ch. Strategisches Management, 3. Aufl., Stuttgart 2005. Steinmann, H./Schreyögg, G., Management, 6. Aufl., Wiesbaden 2005. Macharzina, K., Unternehmensführung, 4. Aufl., Wiesbaden 2003. Kutschker, M./Schmid, St., Internationales Management, 4. Aufl., München 2005. Welge, M./Holtbrügge, D., Internationales Management, 4. Aufl., Stuttgart 2005. Mahnkopf, B., Management der Globalisierung, FHW-Forschung Nr. 44/45, Berlin 2003.

Material: 3People in a Tub; FHW-Ilias; EBSCO; WISO; ECCH,